Claude Diebolt, Founder, Publication Director and Managing Editor. Dora Costa and Michael Haupert, Co-editors.      

Honorary Members

Paul David, Richard Easterlin, Stanley Engerman, Robert Fogel†, Claudia Goldin, John Komlos, Robert Margo, Peter Temin, Jeffrey Williamson.

Editorial Board

Jörg Baten, Elise Brezis, Stephen Broadberry, Joyce Burnette, Nicholas Crafts, Lee Craig, David de la Croix, Olivier Darné, Alexander Field, Price Fishback, Caroline Fohlin, James Foreman-Peck, Simon Johnson, Jeanne Lafortune, Tapas Mishra, Kris Mitchener, Kim Oosterlinck, Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Max-Stephan Schulze, Paul Sharp, Solomos Solomou, Mark Spoerer, Richard Steckel, Jochen Streb, Melissa Thomasson, Hans-Joachim Voth, Marc Weidenmier, Jacob Weisdorf, Eugene White, Nikolaus Wolf.

Aims and Scope

Cliometrica provides a leading forum for exchange of ideas and research in all facets, in all historical periods and in all geographical locations of historical economics. The journal encourages the methodological debate, the use of economic theory in general and model building in particular, the reliance upon quantification to buttress the models with historical data, the use of the more standard historical knowledge to broaden the understanding and suggesting new avenues of research, and the use of statistical theory and econometrics to combine models with data in a single consistent explanation. The highest standards of quality are promoted. All articles will be subject to Cliometrica's peer review process. On occasion, specialised topics may be presented in a special issue.

The Journal is supported by the Cliometric Society and the Association Française de Cliométrie. For all editorial matters, including articles offered for publication, please contact the Managing Editor by e-mail: