Working Papers 2019


WP2019-1 Claude Diebolt, Magali Jaoul-Grammare : "The Cliometric Model of Glutting: An Experimental Analysis"
WP2019-2 Claude Diebolt, Charlotte Le Chapelain : "Human Capital and Economic Growth"
WP2019-3 Mohamed Chikhi, Claude Diebolt : "Testing Nonlinearity through a Logistic Smooth Transition AR Model with Logistic Smooth Transition GARCH Errors"
WP2019-4 Claude Diebolt, Charlotte Le Chapelain, Audrey Rose Menard : "Neither the elite, nor the mass. The rise of intermediate human capital during the French industrialization process"
WP2019-5 Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert : "How Cliometrics has Infiltrated Economics – and Helped to Improve the Discipline"
WP2019-6 Luca Pensieroso, Romain Restout : "The Gold Standard and the Great Depression: a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model"
WP2019-7 Mohamed Chikhi, Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra : "Memory that Drives! New Insights into Forecasting Performance of Stock Prices from SEMIFARMA-AEGAS Model"
WP2019-8 Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert : "Measuring Success: Clio and the Value of Database Creation"
WP2019-9 Claude Diebolt, Michel Hau : "Un héritage des Annales, la cliométrie à Strasbourg"
WP2019-10 Herrade Igersheim, Charlotte Le Chapelain : "Women Leaders in Industry in Nineteenth Century France: The Case of Amélie de Dietrich"
WP2019-11 Mohamed Chikhi, Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra : "Does Predictive Ability of an Asset Price Rest in 'Memory'? Insights from a New Approach"
WP2019-12 Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra, Faustine Perrin : "Gender Equality as an Enforcer of Individuals’ Choice between Education and Fertility: Evidence from 19th Century France"